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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Congratulations and welcome to the family!

Posted by Scott Peppel

I can't wait to get to know you all and I look forward to spending the year together enjoying Heavenston. Congratulations again on joining the Kellogg and Austin clubs, and I want to say to the fellow 2016ers, I have really enjoyed reading your reflections. Now to the incoming Austins, as you start packing up and preparing for your Kellogg adventures, I wanted to pass along a few thoughts, reflections, and pieces of good advice that were shared with me throughout my first year:

·       Get to know the people who are least like you:  Kellogg has an amazing amount of diversity but it is always easier to spend time with people who share similar backgrounds, interests and career aspirations – find ways to fight this inertia.
·       Find good mentors: peers, professors, alums – the knowledge, friendship, and good advice is abundant if you just ask for it
·       Get out of the classroom: spend time in the community, travel, volunteer, intern in Chicago, take experiential classes – it’s worth it
·       Revisit why you came to business school: its starkly different for many people and a good litmus test to ensure that you are spending time on what matters to you
·       Remember the non-Kellogg people in your life: people have kids, significant others in town, significant others far away, and friends and family around the world. Remember to bring the important people in your life along for the ride and let them be part of your Kellogg journey
·       It’s not always perfectIt’s ok to have a bad day, to be frustrated, to be bummed, and to fail. Know that we all go through those days (even if it does not always show), and we are all equally there to support each other (even if we do not say it enough)
·       Find Balance: its 2 amazing years to learn, grow and have fun. Make sure you are focusing on the things that matter while also leaving enough time to play sports, go camping, join a rock band or just grab a beer with a friend – because those really matter too.
·       We’re Here: Reach out to the Austin family anytime. Really. But seriously do it.

I also included a few other thoughts below in the most business school way I could think of:



Welcome to a wonderful community and I can’t wait to meet you all in person. Until then, have a great KWEST trip, and enjoy the rest of your summer! See you soon.

Austin love,

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